UP Hotel Budapest

In the heart of Budapest, a 157−room brand-new hotel is ready to welcome you with its genuine yet smart hospitality. Working on a technology enhanced hotel concept, we aimed to create contemporary spaces completed with the hottest electronic devices and services shaped by your ever-changing needs and interests. To make sure your stay is buzzy and colorful, we invited the most gentle and dynamic people to join our team.

The concept includes easy and convenient solutions, sustainability, fast feedback followed by unique personalized services, engaging social life (both online and offline) which altogether make up a modern style of living and travelling.

We are passionate to extend our hotel to be a place not just to offer accommodation but to inspire and give the chance to share experiences.

We are in downtown Budapest, located in the most colorful district of all. Walking straight out of the hotel you will arrive in a beautiful park and an old-fashioned street market with its local vendors offering handmade products, fresh vegetables and bunches of flowers early in the morning. If you are ready to get up in time, you will find a charming little village within the city.

Right next to our building is the Hunyadi téri piac, a famous market hall, built in 1897. With its beautiful brick cladding and detailed animal sculptures on the façade it is certainly the most emblematic spot of the neighborhood.

In addition to implementing the latest technological solutions at the Up Hotel Budapest, we strive to be people-oriented at all times and in all situations. Modern public spaces and rooms have technical facilities that simplify and speed up the use of services and equipment, but most importantly, provide instant feedback to help us adapt to ever-changing needs. When the concept was born, in addition to comfort, sustainability, the creation of a personalized service and the creation of a colorful, bustling inner life where it is good to be and where to return is important. We believe that a hotel does not work well primarily from modern technological solutions, but from a helpful team that constantly pays attention to each other, their environment and, above all, the needs of their guests.



Email: connect@uphotelbudapest.com

Phone: +36 (30) 1531531