Budapest Art Nouveau city tour

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The architectural style that emerged at the turn of the 19th−20th centuries has various names in Europe: in Austria-Hungary it is secession, in Russia and Great Britain it is modern, in France it is art nouveau, in Germany it is jugendstil. But on the territory of Austria-Hungary this style received the greatest distribution. Local architects, following the brightest figure of the Hungarian Secession, Ödön Lechner, designed luxurious mansions and houses in the centre of the Hungarian capital, which are still a decoration of the city today. A thematic walk through the picturesque streets and squares of downtown Pest with a tour of the most interesting sites: the Bedo House, home of the Hungarian Secession, the Gresham Palace and others.

The final stop of our tour is The Great Market Hall :

One of the best places to experience the simple life of any country and get a taste of it is the market. Here you will learn about the food culture and get a better understanding of the traditions of the local people. We will tell you about curly-haired pigs and grey cows, the world-famous goulash soup, paprika and foie gras and which of these products are on the Hungarian Hungaricum list.

Price per group
1-3 persons 300
4-6 persons 360
7-11 persons 490
12-18 persons 510
19-33 persons 610
33-49 persons 630