Excursion Győr - Bratislava

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It is almost impossible to understand Hungary without getting a rough idea of the surrounding countries, which once played an important role in the country's history (and still do, for it is now all one European Union space). That's why this tour is literally perfect for you as a tourist visiting and discovering Budapest!

Győr is a cosy old town. The historic centre of Győr is an excellent example of eighteenth-century urban planning. Many beautiful churches, palaces and buildings exemplify the Austrian Baroque.

Slovakia's capital Bratislava boasts an astonishingly beautiful historic centre. You will stroll through the picturesque historic centre, climb up to Bratislava Castle, the New Bridge, the Fishermen's Gate, St. Martin's Cathedral and the Old Town Hall, and the Slovak National Theatre.

Price per group
1-3 persons 650
4-6 persons 700
7-11 persons 1350
12-18 persons 1390
19-33 persons 1730
34-49 persons 1760