Excursion to Szentendre

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Szentendre is a picturesque town of artists and craftsmen, with narrow meandering streets, many souvenir shops, galleries, inns with Hungarian national cuisine, with a wine cellar in the National Museum of Hungarian wines, an open-air ethnographic museum and a famous marzipan museum.

Szentendre has long been the centre of Hungarian orthodoxy, as its current appearance was determined by the Serbs who fled in the Middle Ages from the invasion of the Ottoman Empire upstream on the Danube. There are four Orthodox churches in this small and truly fairytale town.

Since the end of the 19th century Szentendre has been a favourite place for Hungarian bohemia: artists and architects, actors, artists and musicians, writers and poets. Today, for example, more than two thousand of the three thousand members of the Hungarian Artists' Union live in Szentendre. It is also called the 'Hungarian Montmartre'.

Price per group
1-3 persons 400
4-6 persons 450
7-11 persons 550
12-18 persons 700
19-33 persons 750
33-49 persons 800