Pécs - Villány

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Pécs, which was the cultural capital of Europe in 2010, arose more than 2 thousand years ago, incorporating the historical monuments of the first Christian communities, Roman rule and the period of power of the barbarians, Huns and Avars. In 1367, the first university in Hungary was opened in Pécs.

You will see:

  • the ancient Christian catacombs of the 4th century,
  • the Neo-Roman Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul,
  • the Parish Church in the city center, the Bishop's Palace,
  • the Town Hall and the Synagogue,
  • at the Hassan Yakov-Ali mosque, a 23 meters high minaret,
  • the building of the National Theatre,
  • the Monastery of the Pauline Order,
  • the round bastion of the Barbican, left over from the ancient city fortifications.

A trip to the wine-growing region of Villany. Lunch with tasting of famous wines of the region.

Price per group
1-3 persons 600
4-6 persons 650
7-11 persons 1320
12-18 persons 1390
19-33 persons 1720
33-49 persons 1750