Székesfehérvár - Veszprém - Herend

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The coronation city of the Hungarian kings, Székesfehérvár is full of winding streets and small squares formed by baroque buildings. The legendary Bori Castle or the Castle of Eternal Love, a masterpiece of architecture that harmoniously combines several architectural styles and trends.

Veszprém is the city of queens. Herend is famous for its porcelain manufactory. Saint Stephen and his wife Gisella of Bavaria founded the first bishopric in Hungary here.

  • the Fortress Quarter,
  • the fire tower,
  • the Bishop's Palace,
  • the Gisella Chapel,
  • the Cathedral,
  • the St. George's Chapel,
  • the St. Stephen,
  • and Gisella Monument.

Herend is famous for its porcelain manufactory. The snow-white, fine and hard Herend porcelain is known all over the world. For almost two centuries, this name has been synonymous for visitors and collectors of luxury porcelain with porcelain, which is traditionally handmade and painted only by hand, and with the luxury lifestyle. Luxury porcelain that made a small town in Hungary famous internationally.

Herend Porcelain Manufactory was the Habsburg family's court supplier. Among the famous clients of Herend were the emperors Alexander II of Russia, Nicholas II, the German emperor Wilhelm I and King Edward VII of England.

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1-3 persons 550
4-6 persons 600
7-11 persons 1010
12-18 persons 1030
19-33 persons 1300
33-49 persons 1320