Ljubljana and Lake Bled

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The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, built on the ruins of a Roman fortress, is located on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, surrounded by the Alps and has a long and rich history.

In the old central historical part there is the Castle Hill, on which the Ljubljana Castle and the Ljubljana Cathedral rise. The Old Square, located near the Church of St. Jacob, is surrounded by medieval buildings — the Schweiger Palace and the Column of Our Lady (XII century). The old part of the city surrounding the hill is noteworthy with narrow streets, many small bars, cafes and shops and the famous «trostiye».

One of the most beautiful squares of the city is Preљernov Trg, around which are concentrated the Church of the Annunciation with a unique library, the ensemble of Mikloshevich Street, the only example of park art in the country — Mikloshich Park, as well as the majestic Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Lake Bled is one of the most famous and respectable resorts in Europe. This pre-alpine natural wonder is the most popular holiday destination in Slovenia. The lake impresses with its beauty and majesty. At any time of the year you would not visit Bled, it is always beautiful.