Have a look at Budapest

1st day

  • Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.
  • Free time.
  • Transfer to the evening cruise on the Danube.

Danube Legend
An opportunity to witness as the legends of Budapest come alive during a boat cruise of an hour. A program in 30 languages plus a film about the most famous monuments of the city. One drink is included in the price: a glass of champagne and a choice of beer, wine and soft drinks.

2nd day

  • Breakfast in the Hotel.
  • Then 4 hours Budapest sightseeing (Bus and walking tour) *No entry tickets in the program
  • Free afternoon

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a city with an unrivalled combination of natural beauty, architectural and historical heritage, culture, gastronomy and spa.
Budapest is a true metropolis, offering tourists from all over the world countless sightseeing options. The Danube River crossing the historic city center gives the ninth most populous city in the European Union its own unique atmosphere.

Optional: Night bathing
No other capital city in the world has as many thermal baths as Budapest. First the Romans and later the Turks used baths built on thermal springs here, and even today, going to baths is a part of the particular Budapest lifestyle. Everyone in Budapest has his or her favorite baths: some prefer the elegant Gellért, while others swear by the Rudas, known for its Turkish pools. The Veli Bej and the Dandár, with their family-oriented atmosphere, are perfect for long conversations. The always busy Széchenyi and Lukács baths never stop all day long, while at night they host huge parties with special lighting effects and contemporary circus performances.

3rd day
Breakfast in the Hotel.

Budapest Art Nouveau city tour ( 4hour ). The final stop of our tour is The Great Market Hall, where you can enjoy a small Hungarian food tasting experience.

The architectural style that emerged at the turn of the 19th−20th centuries has various names in Europe: in Austria-Hungary it is secession, in Russia and Great Britain it is modern, in France it is art nouveau, in Germany it is jugendstil. But on the territory of Austria-Hungary this style received the greatest distribution. Local architects, following the brightest figure of the Hungarian Secession, Ödön Lechner, designed luxurious mansions and houses in the center of the Hungarian capital, which are still a decoration of the city today. A thematic walk through the picturesque streets and squares of downtown Pest with a tour of the most interesting sites: the Bedo House, home of the Hungarian Secession, the Gresham Palace and others.

One of the best places to experience the simple life of any country and get a taste of it is the market. Here you will learn about the food culture and get a better understanding of the traditions of the local people. We will tell you about curly-haired pigs and grey cows, the world-famous goulash soup, paprika and foie gras and which of these products are on the Hungarian Hungarikum list. Maybe we should explain what a Hungarikum is?  And tasting various cheeses, hams and sausages will give you a real gastronomic pleasure and be a great way to start the day!

4th day
Transfer to the Airport

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