From grapes to wine.

Picking grapes in Villánykövesd

date of the program:  20.08.2022

From 25 August to 15 October, it is also possible to organise the programme at a different date, subject to a minimum of 20 participants.

There is perhaps no national anthem in the world, other than the Hungarian one, that thanks God for providing the country with wine and plenty.

Harvesting is hard work and a celebration at the same time. After the grapes have been pruned, pruning and grafting, it's time to make wine.

In the old days, picking grapes was a social event for which families prepared for a whole year. Back then, it was a community activity, and at the end of the day, a harvest party was held. It was a real celebration, an unmissable event, an important part of social life and a traditional way of meeting people.

Fortunately, the picking grapes and the harvesting of crops have retained this joyful character throughout the country to this day.

Join our picking grapes programme in Villány (230 km from Budapest), one of the most southern and warmest wine regions in Hungary and one of the most famous.

Unlimited rosé drinking, fun harvest tasks … and you're in a good mood. In addition, team members will be given an insight into the grape processing and modern winemaking processes. Finally, they can taste the grapes harvested by the team and the grape juice made from them. The programme will be accompanied by a farmhouse lunch with home-made delicacies

The programme includes:

  • Short introduction to the Mokos Winery vineyards and grape varieties;
  • fun harvesting (with unlimited rosé consumption) and some fun harvest tasks;
  • live accordion music during the harvest;
  • a sumptuous, farm-to-table lunch on our picnic terrace;
  • an insight into the processing of the grapes (pressing, crushing, etc.);
  • fresh grape juice tasting.


price of shuttle and guide : 

  • up to 3 person              560,−€/tour
  • up to 6 person              875,−€/tour
  • up to 17 person            960,−€/tour
  • up to 48 person            1300,−€/tour

the price does not include entrance fees during the programme

Price of the harvesting program  50,−€/person

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