Taste the sunshine wines of Hungary

1st day

  • Arrival. Transfer to the hotel.
  • Free time.
  • Transfer to the evening cruise on the Danube

Danube Legend

An opportunity to witness as the legends of Budapest come alive during a boat cruise of an hour. A program in 30 languages plus a film about the most famous monuments of the city. One drink is included in the price: a glass of champagne and a choice of beer, wine and soft drinks.

2nd day

  • Breakfast in the Hotel.
  • Budapest sightseeing for 4 hours

(Bus and walking tour), ending at the Great Market Hall, where you can enjoy a small Hungarian food tasting experience. After visiting to the Market Hall we head to Szentendre, where we will have a wine tasting at the National Wine Museum.

The program includes prices for the following services:

  • tasting at the Great Market Hall
  • wine tasting program at the Szentendre Wine Museum ( 4 types of wine )

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, a city with an unrivalled combination of natural beauty, architectural and historical heritage, culture, gastronomy and spa.

Budapest is a true metropolis, offering tourists from all over the world countless sightseeing options. The Danube River crossing the historic city center gives the ninth most populous city in the European Union its own unique atmosphere.


At the end of the 17th century, Serbs who fled the Turkish invasion settled on the right bank of the Danube. They gradually rebuilt the settlement in their own style, in a baroque Mediterranean style, and erected 6 orthodox churches, more than in the whole of Hungary.

Later, most of the Serbs returned to their homeland, leaving behind a unique town with narrow streets, colorful Baroque facades and tiled roofs. In the 20s of the 20th century, Szentendre was graced by artists, turning it into the artistic capital of Hungary. Here, in its many galleries and museums, you can see works by former and current inhabitants of the colony.

In Szentendre there is a National Wine Museum. The Museum was opened in 1993, the nearly 650−square meter cellar system of antique atmosphere assures gentle climate throughout the year giving space for the museum, the tasting street and the wine shop.

The museum introduces the development of the Hungarian grapes and wine culture. Experts outline the characteristics of the Hungarian wine-growing regions in different languages.

3rd day

  • Breakfast in the Hotel.
  • Lake Balaton excursion with wine tasting and lunch near the Balatonfüred at the well-known winemaker.  Duration of the excursion max 8 hours

The program includes prices for the following services:

  • entry ticket to the Tihany Abbey
  • wine tasting with a tour of the estate and lunch

During this excursion we visit the Tihany peninsula with Tihany Abbey and the spa town of Balatonfured.

Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, is a dominant feature of Hungary's hydrography. Its easily warmed, shallow waters make it ideal for swimming and sports, its fauna is extremely rich and its landscape of diverse volcanic cones is unique in many ways.

Balaton has a strongly elongated shape from southwest to northeast. The southern shore is mostly flat; there are several shallow bays on the north and one large peninsula, Tihany. The tip of the peninsula is separated from the opposite shore by only 1.2 kilometers, the narrowest point on Lake Balaton.

The Tihany peninsula is a jewel in the middle of the Hungarian sea. The most famous attractions are Tihany Abbey and the ancient lavender grove, the legendary Echo Hill.

The surface of the volcanic peninsula is dotted with limestone cones formed by geysers. Thanks to its special climate and two drainless lakes, the peninsula is home to many rare species of flora and fauna, so it was declared a nature reserve in 1952 — the first in Hungary. Not only the beauty of the landscape, but also the magical atmosphere and historical monuments of the village make Tihany attractive to tourists

Balatonfüred is a small town surrounded by hills on the north shore of Lake Balaton. The geographical landscape is the first thing that catches your eye: the gentle mountains in the north and the lake in the south, which for centuries has exuded a majestic Pannonian serenity. It is an ancient settlement, inhabited since Roman times, where relics of the past can be found at every turn. Ancient quarters, ancient buildings, churches, charming vineyards, parks and old trees are all messages for modern man.


4th day

  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Excursion to Etyek with wine tasting and visit to Korda Korda Film Park.

Duration of the excursion max 7 hours

The programme includes prices for the following services:

  • entry ticket to the Korda Film Park
  • wine tasting( 4 types ) and cold snacks

The first stop on our tour is Korda Film Park.

The Korda Film Park Visitor Centre will give you the inside scoop on how an international film super-production is made, while we offer you a playful experience to get an insight into the international film industry.

During the 2.5−hour guided tour, you can learn about the modern practices of international and Hungarian filmmaking, discover the most important stages of filmmaking through interactive installations, and take a walk and a photo in our life-size medieval set town.

Etyek — The wine region is not only the vineyard of Budapest in its slogan, but also in reality, so they quickly realised that wine lovers in the capital could be easily and quickly lured to the vineyards and cellar rows. The village is home to the cellars of many famous Hungarian winemakers and hosts many events and festivals every year.

5th day

Visit the famous Tokaj region

The programme includes prices for the following services:

  • ticket to the Sárospatak castle                                 
  • wine tasting with cold dish in Hercegkút             
  • program in Dereszla winery with factory  tour and tank tasting 
  • gator tour on the vineyard
  • wine tasting in Dereszla Winery ( 5 varieties)
  • three-course menu with 2 types of wine

«The king of wines, the wine of kings»

King Louis XV of France remarked to his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, when he handed her a glass of Tokaji aszú: «This is the wine of kings and the king of wines». To this day, the Latin equivalent of this phrase, 'Vinum regum, rex vinorum', is still used in recognition of the outstanding quality of Tokaj wines.

The Tokaj wine region, located in the north-east of Hungary, is a wine-growing area with a long tradition of winemaking, and has been listed as the world's first closed wine region since 1737. Tokaj-Hegyalja was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002.

During our trip first we arrive in Sárospatak, where after a short visit to the historic castle we arrive at the Hercegkúti cellar row, where we can take fantastic photos of the cellar row, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2002.

After wine tasting at the local winemaker, we continue our journey towards Bodrogkeresztúr, where we visit the Dereszla winery, where the next programme awaits us:

Arrival at Henye Wine Bar and Winery — here factory

  •   tour and tank tasting ( 30−34 min )

2 hours gator tour on the vineyard. During the adventurous dune hike with the help of a tour guide, the participants learn about the Dereszla winery and

  • wine tasting
  • followed by early dinner at Dereszla Bistro.

6th day

  • Transfer with guide Budapest hotel – airport



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