Zselic Star Park - where nature meets the universe

Our programme starts in Pécs, 230 km from Budapest. After a sightseeing tour
we will visit one of the most famous wine regions of Hungary — Villány, where we will have the opportunity for wine tasting. The last stop of our journey is the Zselic Star Park
where we will enjoy the evening program.

This programme is guaranteed to be available on a Friday only, but can be available on other days for groups of 20 or more

Zselic Star Park

As human settlements and facilities grow, so does the amount of excess light emitted. As a result, the view of the starry sky disappears, and our children grow up not knowing either the Milky Way or the Starry Night.
The International Dark Sky Park was created by the International Stargazer's Association. The Zselic Landscape Conservation Area was the first in Europe to win the award, together with Galloway Park in Scotland, on 16 November 2009.
The park consists of the observatory building, a viewing platform and five resting points. The building is designed to showcase the sky, the park and the nature reserve. In addition to providing information and education, it is also a place for astronomical research, exhibitions and events, and a base for stargazing tours.
The lack of artificial lights and low levels of light pollution allow us to see details of the starry sky that are impossible to observe from any other vantage point.
In addition to the regular programmes held at the centre, the park also organises regular nature walks, night stargazing tours and night telescope shows.

What does the sky of Zselic offer?
At dusk, when the weather is clear, you are guaranteed to see the zodiacal light. The low light pollution area is ideal for observing and photographing faint objects. The early evening western sky is ideal for observing the comet of spring,  the C/2012 L4 (PanSTARRS)

On Friday evenings, we will have a telescopic presentation: we will go through the celestial bodies and shapes visible to the naked eye (e.g. visible constellations will be drawn on the sky with laser pencil), and then we will show you more objects with the help of a telescope.
      — Start time: 21:00  
      — Duration of the programme: approx. 90 minutes
      — if you can, we recommend that you do not come during the full moon or close to it.
      — outdoor programme, please dress for the weather!
      — planetarium programme in cloudy weather, duration about 75 minutes



Pécs, Hungary's fifth largest city, is located at the foot of the picturesque Mecsek Mountains and was named European Capital of Culture in 2010. Its history goes back more than 2000 years. Today it is a university town, the seat of a Catholic bishop, a recognised centre of culture, science and the arts.
The area has been inhabited since Roman times. The early Christian monuments dating from the 4th century AD, which can be seen in the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre, are of particular interest. The Cathedral, which stands out in the heart of the old town of Pécs, was built in the Middle Ages. It is here that the poet and bishop of Pécs, Janus Pannonius, is buried, to whom the cultural development of Pécs owes much of its cultural development during this period.
The Zsolnays became the most famous of the famous industrial families of Pécs in the second half of the century. The Zsolnay Manufactory in the Zsolnay Quarter is a special place of the factory and the cultural quarter.
The Káptalan Street is home to a number of important museums, including the Victor Vasarely Collection, the Amerigo Tot Collection and, down the street, the Csontváry Museum.

Villány wine region

If there is a wine region in our country that is famous for wine tourism, Villány is definitely it!
The sunny region is typically home to Mediterranean wines. The Villány wine-growing region is the main of these wine-growing areas. The symbol of Villány's wines of protected origin is the cherry blossom, which is on the capsules or labels of the wines.
Walking around the wine region, most open in Villány, where you can choose from a wide range of wines to suit your taste. from the best wineries in the area professional wine tastings, lunches composed with wines, or the more wine-themed spas, available in several locations
wine-themed services. For a more intimate for those seeking a more intimate experience discover small family cellars.
While in Villány, it's also worth sampling the local gastronomic specialities, such as the national famous rooster stew, plum soup from the Swabian tradition, the Zwiwwelkuchen onion tart with poppy seeds served with poppy seeds and plum jam, or a delicious catfish stew.

price of shuttle and guide : 
up to 3 person  875,−€/tour
up to 6 person  1120,−€/tour
up to 17 person  1390,−€/tour
up to 48 person  1830,−€/tour
the price does not include entrance fees during the programme.
Zselic Star Park  ticket : 9,−€/person
in case of cloudy weather :
the planetarium programme duration about 75 minutes, ticket price 8,−€/person

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